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Scholarship Season, the most wonderful time of the year!

According to the Washington Post, 1.7 million scholarships are awarded annually, totaling over $6 billion. Approximately 1.9 million graduating high school seniors will attend college starting in the fall of 2023.

Our club has been awarding scholarships since 1942. We fundraise year-round for that moment when we can award a scholarship to a student in hopes of easing their financial burden. It is extremely rewarding to visualize these students fulfilling their dreams, and finally contributing their talents to society.

This year we were fortunate to award five scholarships, a total of $10,000. The Lena Pearl Wheeler Nursing Scholarship was awarded to Nestor Morfa, who is attending nursing school, and Marcus Carty, a college senior nursing major.

The High School Scholarship was awarded to María Martínez from Miami Springs Senior High. She will attend Mount Holyoke College to study film.

María volunteered at our Witches Of Westward fundraiser.

Two graduating seniors were awarded the Jennifer Ator Scholarship for the first time. This scholarship was created in memory of the late Jennifer Ator by her family, who funds the scholarship in collaboration with our club. The recipients are Serena Rodríguez, who will attend Florida International University to study Nursing, and Izabela González, a club volunteer who will attend the University of Florida to study Public Relations. Bill Tallman, husband of the late Jennifer Ator, was present at our June board meeting to award the scholarships.

Photo montage, from left to right: María Martínez, Eileen McDonough, Bill Tallman, Serena Rodríguez, Izabela González. Nestor and Marcus could not attend due to prior work commitments.

We are proud of our Scholarship Fund recipients and wish them much success. We can't do this without the hard work and dedication of our club members and our community that comes out and supports our fundraising initiatives. Volunteering is a choice we make, and this is the fruit of our labor. So worth it!

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