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"I feel full, and I'm only halfway done."

"Have you tried that table?"

"I didn't know about that restaurant."

"I'm going to that restaurant next week."

"This was more than a taste."

"Champagne! Really?"

"Love this vibe!"

"Great mix of food."

"I've never had that type of food before."

"I'm trying new things today."

"My taste buds are on fire!"

These are just some of the comments you heard as you walked around the Taste Of The Springs. Friends, families, and even co-workers met to experience a taste of Miami Springs and our neighboring cities' local restaurants, caterers, and sweet makers. The best is the new connections that happen over delicious food when a "Hi, where did you get that?" turns into a full-blown Kevin Bacon six degrees of separation moment.

Then you have those proud-to-be-a-Springer moments when you see our Mayor Maria Mitchell and the Mayor of the Village of Virginia Gardens, our Councilmen Jorge Santin and Dr. Walter Fajet walk by every table to thank them for participating. Where else does this happen? We tell ourselves as we brag about our towns.

Our club members have been wishing for the return of Taste Of The Springs for some time. We saw why: it is so much more than a fundraiser for our organization; it's an event that unites our communities, and

it shines a light on so many restaurants in the heart of our city and neighboring cities. 

Food is essential to our experiences; gathering and sharing it makes memories. We look forward to the Taste Of The Springs becoming a yearly celebration for our communities and we will strive to make it bigger and better each year.   

We encourage everyone to support the restaurants and tastemakers who made this wonderful event a reality. The list of participants is on this webpage or can be found HERE. Thank you to the Fundraising Committee for making it happen and to everyone who participated in the Taste Of The Springs in any way. See you next year!

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