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A New Scholarship has been added

The GFWC Miami Springs Woman's Club has been awarding scholarships since 1942 because we believe that education is vital to the growth and future of every community. It's scholarship season, and we are extremely excited to announce the addition of a new scholarship to our Scholarship Fund.

The Vocational Training Scholarship is now available to students who will enroll or are currently enrolled in an approved vocational-technical or trade-related program at an accredited

technical/vocational school or college in the U.S. The trade can include, for example, anything from aviation, mechanics, construction, electrician, healthcare, manufacturing, or graphic design.

We champion higher education, but we must know that it might not be the path for all students. Some students "focus best in a lecture hall or classroom; still, others learn best by doing and would thrive in the studio, workshop or shop floor." -Nicholas Wyman for Forbes. Today's global economy is driven by constant innovation, resulting in a strong and growing demand for highly skilled workers. The Vocational Training Scholarship is here to relieve students who have chosen to study a specific vocational trade. We want all students to succeed and be happy doing what they love.

Please help us spread the word and excitement about our open enrollment. The deadline to apply for all four scholarships is Friday, February 2, 2024.


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