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The Witches of Westward have decided to fly this year and want you to fly with them. They are joining the trend of over 80 Witch rides that happen nationwide. Inspired by the Witches of South Walton and the Witches of Delray, we add Miami Springs to the list.

Photo from the Witches of South Walton

What is a witches' ride, you ask?

It's a whimsical, Halloween-themed bike/golf cart ride through the streets of Miami Springs on Saturday, October 7th. Riders dress in their most festive witch wear, decorate their bike or golf cart (broom), and toss candy to the littlest witches and wizards that line the route.

Tickets will go on sale Saturday, August 26 on Eventbrite. The cost is $35 per witch/wizard on a bike and $65 per golf cart (golf carts must be street legal). Participants must be 14 or older (parents must sign a waiver prior to flight).

The event will start and end at Circle Park "the Circle" located on 100 Curtiss Parkway (you can check out the route at the end of this post). Everyone participating must register between 8:30 am-9:45 am and at 10:00 am we fly! We will be escorted by the Miami Springs Police Department. After the ride, the community is welcome to enjoy the Circle's festivities. There will be live music, food, witchy shops, and be wowed when we award the best decorated "broom" (bike & golf cart), costume, best-themed team, and best witch cackle.

Mermaid witches above photo from the Witches of Delray 2022 ride, photographer Ethan Dangerwing

Let us know if you want to participate in the contest during your registration.

Woodstock witches above from the Witches of Delray 2021 ride

All proceeds from this event support our club's charities and initiatives; visit us at and see our good work.

Breakfast at Tiffany witches from the Witches of Delray 2018 ride, photographer James Greene

Gather your family, friends, and colleagues, go crazy creative, have fun, and, most important, be part of something meaningful and magical this Halloween season!

Aloha witches from the Witches of Delray 2021 ride

Photo of the Homewood Witches Ride

Here is the route :) More information coming soon!


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